January 30, 2012

Here's Inspiration for You

A friend introduced me to this blog today: New Dress a Day Wow. After looking through the before and after gallery for at least one hour, I have these comments to make. 1) A great body and self-confidence can make almost anything look great. 2) Accessories make a huge difference. A great pair of boots or a cute belt can make something really work. 3) If a garment doesn't work, do not be afraid to repurpose it. Who would think to try wearing bloomer-like pants as a shrug??!! If a dress doesn't work try it as a blouse or a jacket. 4) Does this lady every wear anything twice?? 5) I'm blown away by the blog author's dedication. What a marvelous collection of projects she has put together as a reference and an inspiration. Check this blog out when you have lots of free time to enjoy it!