November 8, 2010


I love scarves. I love that scarves are totally in fashion right now. I've always been a bit intimidated by wearing them.  I grew up in Louisiana where it was rarely cold enough to wear winter clothing. The climate I live in now (near Washington DC) is perfect for a cozy scarf, so I've been looking for ideas for making them and wearing them.

Scarves are not just utilitarian. I think scarves can really add to an outfit.  It's a great way to add an accent color or pattern or texture to wardrobe basics.

Scarves can also flatter! They can create that deep V-neckline that is so flattering, or they can cover a not-so-young neckline.  They can substitute for jewelry and draw attention up to your face.

I started by doing an inventory of what I already own.  I have a lot of silk and silk-like scarves. They're a nice, light accent to an outfit, but not particularly warm.  I think of wearing them more in the springtime, especially since I have mostly spring colors in my collection.

I have lots of knitted and crocheted scarves, too.  They are warm, but I find most of them itchy and too bulky for all but the coldest weather.

When I saw a tutorial for a flannel scarf, I thought it was a brilliant idea! Flannel pajamas are about the most comfortable thing in the universe, and the idea of something that feels like that wrapped around my neck on a cool windy day sounds like heaven.  They are so simple to sew, they work up much faster than a knitted or crocheted scarf, plus the flannel is generally cheaper to buy than nice quality yarn.

Of course, I ran straight to Joann's and bought some flannel. There are some really neat prints available these days, not just solids, or juvenile prints for a nursery.  Here are the two scarves I made.

I'm obsessed with ruffles and pleats right now, so I added ruffles to both of mine.  I made the blue floral one to go with jeans, denim jackets, and the loads of red and burgundy I have in my closet.

I made the silver and gold one to coordinate with the new pair of metallic flats I just bought.  Metallic shoes are very "out there" for me, but I'm told that metallics are neutrals.

Here are some tutorials for this super-simple sewing project. 
Make it and Love it's Gathered Flannel Scarf
luvinthemommyhood's Infinity and Beyond Scarf
Modern Organic Fabric's Easy Ruffle Trim Scarf

With the holidays coming up, these make great gifts that work up very quickly and easily.

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  1. I adore scarves!! even have some cute flannels. I need to make some of these!